Sikhs deliver the goods ... and the moves

The job of being a truck driver has, especially in the modern American lore of country songs, been a staple of what it means to be American. However, recently (according to The Economist), the job has become less and less popular.  Interestingly, many Sikhs are now in the business in American, and one of them has just uploaded a video about his pride in driving a truck.

Read the article and enjoy the video


On the closing--but still wide--gender gap in India

A recent report from The Economist analyses the gender gap in India. Check it out and compare it to the points, if you're so inclined, in the chapter "Demarcations" in Narrating India.



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India's gender gap is closing in some respects, but remains vast

POLICE in Haldwani, a small town where the Gangetic Plain bumps against the Himalayas, shrugged when Kamini Sen lodged charges against her husband last October. What could be more ordinary than wife-beating and dowry extortion? The case got hotter when the 29-year-old, who holds masters degrees in both English and psychology, added that her spouse had also secretly married a younger woman.

The indian gay prince working for LGBT rights

A recent article in the The Independent focuses on Prine Manvendra's focus on creating a safe place for gay people in India and to give them "social and economic empowerment". 

India's only openly gay prince is turning his pink palace into a centre for vulnerable LGBT+ people

Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil might have grown up in a vast and opulent rococo palace in prosperous Gujarat with servants responding to his every beck and call but it would be wrong to assume his life has been free of problems.

Trailer for "The Problem with Apu"

Stand-up comedian Hari Kondabolu explores the South Asian stereotypes that are accentuated by the popular (or not so popular amongst the Asian-American community) character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from The Simpsons. Worth a study and a good starting point for a discussion about role models, stereotypes, humour and much more.

The Economist's briefing on India lacking a middle class

The Economist dedicates a feature article to describing the lacking middle class of India and how this impacts the narrative about growth and opportunities in India. Definitely worth a read and a very interesting starting point for further analysis about India's economic climate.

We've added a link to the article in our Ambition segment and also remind you to check out the article on The Economist's own site.

India's missing middle class

THE arrival of T.N. Srinath into the middle class will take place in style, atop a new Honda Activa 4G scooter. Fed up with Mumbai's crowded commuter trains, the 28-year-old insurance clerk will become the first person in his family to own a motor vehicle.