(antal tegn inkl. mellemrum)


Normalsideberegninger skifter som vinden blæser, så for at I ikke skal sidde med forældede udregninger, får I her antal tegn inkl. mellemrum for alle teksterne i Narrating India. Så kan I selv regne normalsiderne ud, lige meget hvem der sidder i ministerstolen.

Indian Independence and Partition (antal tegn inkl. mellemrum)

A Tryst with Destiny (6.033)

Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s First Address to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan (9.638)

Midnight’s Children (7.041)

The Return (5.172)

Toba Tek Singh (14.007)

Colonialism and India Seen through Foreign Eyes (antal tegn inkl. mellemrum)

The East India Vade-Mecum (9.368)

A Passage to India – excerpt 1 (9.854)

A Passage to India – excerpt 2 (18.719)

The Sign of Four (16.643)

Karma (9.845)

Rabindranath Tagore’s Letter Rejecting Knighthood (2.544)

Are You Experienced? (21.983)

Cold Calling (9.885)


Ambition (antal tegn inkl. mellemrum)

Why I Am Returning my Award (3.029)

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (21.712)

An Indian Dream (16.992)

The Boss Came to Dinner (15.778)

The White Tiger (10.396)

One Night @ the Call Center (17.131)


Bollywood and Indian Cinema (antal tegn inkl. mellemrum)

The Dark Room (6.054)


Demarcations (antal tegn inkl. mellemrum)

A Pair of Mustachios (11.993)

The Blind Dog (11.226)

Untouchable (6.202)

The Dark (13.217)

Immigrant (12 linjer)

The Dark Holds no Terrors – excerpt 1 (3.558)

The Dark Holds no Terrors – excerpt 2 (9.951)

Life Science: A Love Poem (18 linjer)

Births and Marriages (6 linjer)


Language and Identity (antal tegn inkl. mellemrum)

Search for my Tongue (26 linjer på engelsk, 40 linjer i alt)

Unhybrid (33 linjer)

The Village Girl (25.547)